Welcome to Moon Body.

Imagine this space as a beautiful earthern-ware bowl, containing ever-evolving earth & body wisdom practices designed to support you as a womxn+ reclaiming your wild and sacred Self.
These practices are rooted in the mysteries of the deep feminine, with vines encircling ancient mythology, pre-European witchcraft, herbalism and animist spirituality.

My name is Miriam Ropschitz...

I was born in the South West of England – the modern day name for the ancient lands of Avalon. I'm a Jewish woman of Eastern European & Middle Eastern ancestry. I am based in Portugal.

Much of my work focuses on guiding menstruating people to attune to the cyclical wisdom currents within.

I work in one-to-one sessions (in person and online), in retreats, workshops and online courses.

How can we work together?

It's my pleasure to work with womxn+ all over the world who desire reconnection with the deepest parts of themselves.

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