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Miriam guided me back to a part of myself that had been asleep for years. I found the joy and fire in my soul again. It was a full-on feminine awakening! The practices shared through Moon Body are now a part of my daily routine. I can't imagine life without them. They bring me so much. I want every woman to know what I know now.

– JESSAMY, Paris

Our world moves fast...

Menstruating people have our own inner rhythm – governed by the dance of hormones throughout the month. 

When a fast-paced lifestyle forces us to push against this rhythm, we fall into imbalance.


Over time, imbalance leaves us exhausted, uninspired and disconnected.

This can manifest as menstrual challenges (painful periods, PMS – even cysts & fibroids), or depression, anxiety, the inability to enjoy pleasure, and the feeling of not being enough. 

It cuts us off from the source of our power and leaves us with a misaligned life.

Moon Body shares practices & programmes designed to reawaken your connection with your wild feminine, create the life you want, experience radical intimacy and profound pleasure. 

You are enough. And you always were.

Hi, I'm Miriam.

I'm a writer, yogini, womxn's work facilitator and the creatress of Moon Body. My signature programmes combine ancient wisdom practices, herbalism and detoxification to support womxn's return to their wild and sacred selves.


After spending years on my own journey of feminine reclamation, I share what I've learned (and continue to learn) with great joy. These practices WORK. They are life-changing. It is my honour to share them with you through Moon Body. 

You can read more about my experience here.


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Join me in May, 2020 for a special women's yoga retreat in Apulia, Italy. 

Have PMS? Painful periods? Cysts? Heal your menstrual challenges naturally.

This Chinese Medicine massage helps digestion, increases fertility and improves health. 

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Your menstrual & sexual wellbeing are integral to the health of every aspect of your life: love, relationships, work and play. Instead of demoting them to the annual conversation with the doctor, Moon Body brings them to the forefront of every aspect of womxn's existence, because we know that easeful, restorative periods & pleasurable, connected intimacy are the cornerstones of a happy, vibrant life.