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MOONBODY's programmes and practices support womxn 
awakening to the wild
and sacred Self.
MOONBODY Creatress
The feminine is rising. More womxn than ever are aware that the fast paced, hyper-masculine ways of modern life are disconnecting them from the innate wisdom of their cycles, causing menstrual irregularities, burn out and blocking the natural flow of shakti. MOON BODY's unique in-person and online body of work serves those turning away from the dysfunctional paradigm and towards a life aligned with feminine wisdom.

Hello... I'm Miriam.

I'm the creatress of MOON BODY.


My programmes fuse ancient tantric practices, herbalism, detox and ritual to support womxn returning

to their wild, sacred selves.


After years on my own journey of feminine reclamation, I share what I've learned (and continue to learn) with great joy.


These practices work; they are life-changing, and it's a great honour to share them through MOON BODY. 

You can read more about the life experiences that fuelled the creation of my body of work right here.


Through her month-long coaching  programme Miriam guided me back to a part of myself that had been asleep for years. I found the joy and fire in my soul again. It was a full-on feminine awakening! The practices shared through Moon Body are now a part of my daily routine. I can't imagine life without them. They bring me so much. I want every woman to know what I know now.

– JESSAMY, Paris
The IGNITE Coaching Programme (Read more here)

I was in a very difficult time in my life. Everything was falling apart and each month I had terrible periods: heavy, long and extremely painful. I hadn't connected the dots until my Moon Mapping session with Miriam. I went on a cleanse on all levels. Within 2 months my  periods were lighter, shorter and with less pain. Now I use the cleanse information for regular tune-ups and the cyclical living practices are what I plan my life by. i feel like myself again. Thank you. 

Moon Mapping Session (Read more here.)

How can MOON BODY support you?

Our detox protocol balances hormones, heals PMS, cysts, period pain and prepares you for healthy pregnancy.

Join us for a women's retreat in Puglia, Italy in May, or in Portugal in June for a health & yoga retreat.

Heal menstrual irregularities, live in harmony with your cycle & LOVE your period with our Moon Mapping sessions.

This Chinese Medicine massage helps digestion, relives PMS & period pain & increases fertility.

Find out where you can practise & train with me in classes, retreats & international workshops. 

Want to know where you can join me for the next workshop on this ancient embodiment practice?

Upcoming Events
The Moon Temple: Women's Tantric Yoga Retreat
Sat, May 16
La Rosa dei 4 Venti retreat
May 16, 5:00 PM – May 23, 7:00 AM
La Rosa dei 4 Venti retreat, Via Monti del Duca, 302 - Zona H, 74015 Martina Franca TA, Italy
Join me in May 2020 at one of the World’s Best Yoga Retreats in southern Italy. Learn ancient yogic and tantric practices designed to reawaken Shakti – the divine feminine principle – and prepare the sacred ground of your body to feel, open and relax into the bliss that is yours by birthright.
Sattva Retreat: Transformational Yoga
Sat, Jun 27
Herdade dos Alfranges
Jun 27, 2:00 PM – Jul 04, 6:00 PM
Herdade dos Alfranges, 7090, 7090-267 Viana do Alentejo, Portugal
Join Melanie (Yoga In A Bag) and Miriam (Moon Body) for 7 days of purifying yoga and clean, vegan food at a restful retreat. Spend your days in the sunshine, enjoy high-vibrational nourishment and deep practices.
There is a mass awakening of women on the planet right now and we are finally understanding that our blood and bodies are sacred and powerful beyond belief. Now is a time of reclaiming what has been forgotten, our blood rites, our ancient rituals, our connection to mother nature. We are remembering as a collective what the deep feminine is and how it runs through our veins like the waters of the world that nourish us.

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