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The Jade Priestess

The Jade Priestess is MOON BODY's unique approach to the Jade Egg practice. This body of work is designed to teach women how to integrate the jade egg into daily life in a holistic way & how these practices can move with a woman throughout the different initiations of her life. 




Soul City, Zurich

April 18 & 19

Workshop: 250 CHF

Jade Egg: 70 CHF

Join Miriam at a beautiful space in central Zurich and take your seat in a circle of like-minded women for a fun and relaxed weekend exploring the art of jade egg practice in The Jade Priestess: Level One.

The Jade Priestess: Level One

This two-day workshop teaches women everything they need to know to begin a safe and therapeutic jade egg practice. You'll learn how to take care of your egg, how to prepare your body to receive it, simple exercises and meditations and much more. 

Archaeological evidence of egg-shaped gemstones for internal use have been found at the sites of all major ancient civilisations. In recent years, yoni eggs have become immensely popular and are often advertised as vaginal toning tools.


The work of the Jade Priestess invites its students to imagine the Jade Egg as something far more powerful than a toning tool. Whilst many women find this work in their searches for ways to mend after childbirth, heal from sexual trauma, or create more refined vaginal sensitivity, the egg soon reveals herself to be capable of bringing far greater treasures into our lives. 

Developing a regular practice with the jade egg is one of the most powerful ways to foster a deep, energetic and lifelong relationship with your feminine essence.


It is healing and therapeutic for your yoni and womb; it is sensual and stimulating to your sexual energy and it is meditative, spiritual and a practice that can develop with you throughout the seasons of your life.

The Jade Egg is more than a tool, and learning to work with it is more than a practice. Integrating jade egg practice into your daily life is an initiation into sensual embodiment.

An Initiation Into Sensual Embodiment

As women in the modern world, many of us face challenges of a fast-paced, overtly cerebral society and as we imitate the ways of masculinise people to get along and stay afloat we sever the connection to our centre.

​Your feminine core – vulva, vagina, cervix, womb, breasts – are fundamental to your health on all levels. Regular practice with the jade egg feels like a homecoming to this centre. As we begin to understand the energetic potency of our bodies, the effects ripple outwards into our wider lives and we find ourselves in closer contact with the magic of our womanhood and the source of our power.

​Many modern teachers of the jade egg have missed her magic and state her benefits as merely ways of improving a women's vaginal tightness. The truth is tightness in a pussy is not desirable, however, increased connection, sensitivity, stress-management ability, capacity for deeper (internal) orgasms and increased lubrication are – all of which arise naturally from regular practice with your egg.

Day One
Saturday April 18

* The Priestess Path

* Pelvic Pleasure Anatomy

* The Power of Jade

* The Body's Boundaries

* Sensual Breathwork

* Taoist Breast Massage

* Therapeutic Internal Massage (theory)

Soul City, Zurich

On our first day of the Jade Priestess: Level One we don't yet use the egg internally. Instead, we learn breath and energy practices to prepare the body for the egg. We learn about the egg's history and what it means to be called to the path of the priestess. We study the anatomy of the pelvic bowl and its pleasure points. We learn and practice the power of Taoist breast massage and study the theory of internal therapeutic self-massage.

Day Two
Sunday April 19
Soul City, Zurich

On our second day together we put our preparatory practices and knowledge into use and enjoy a long session of gentle movement, Taoist breast massage, sensual breath work and then learn four gentle beginner-friendly practices using the egg inside. 

* Jade Prietess Qi Gong

* Yoni Acupressure Points

* Internal Isolation

* Energy Meditations

* Level One Egg Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm feeling shy about doing this in a group.

Will there by nudity?"

No. Guests will invited to be topless to practice self-breast massage, however anyone who prefers to remain clothed can practise over their tops. The egg insertion happens discretely so there is no need for full nudity. Internal self-message is explained but not demonstrated or practised in the group setting.

"I'm completely new to this kind of work. Can I join"

Absolutely. This workshop is ideal for those completely new to practising with the egg and those with more experience who wish refresh their understanding.


"I have my own egg. Can I use that instead

of buying one from you?"

Yes. If you have your own high quality nephrite Jade Egg, there is no need to buy one from me. However, the Jade Priestess work is only done using Nephrite Jade. Eggs made from other materials can't be used at this workshop. 

Feeling called to join the Jade Priestess?

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