A ROOTED woman...

Knows who she is and where she is going.

Is connected to the root of her body, her sexuality and her ancestors.

May sometimes get knocked off her centre, but always finds her way home.

Has endless practices at her fingertips for self-healing and pleasure.

Is here to live her best life.

Wants the best for herself and for everyone around her.


Creates regular space to nourish herself on all levels.


Is connected to spirit, the earth and her community.


Is following her sacred life purpose.



A ROOTED woman will change the world. 

Welcome, dear one.

I imagine that if you've found me on this wild web, you've been called here by the pull of the unknown and therefore you know a little bit about me already from reading my stories on these pages. 

I'm somebody who has spent the last decade on a journey of soul reclamation and all that I've learned along the way is what I'll be sharing with you in our Rooted coaching sessions. 

You can choose to receive 1-1 mentorship and coaching with me in Rooted for 1, 3 or 6 months.

What will happen in our sessions?

Some modalities I may draw upon in Rooted are:

  • Cyclical Wisdom + Moon Mapping: Letting the wisdom of your menstrual cycle reveal any areas in your life where energy is leaking out or where your psyche is calling to you.

  • Somatic Practices: Creating daily movement + breathwork routines that support you in getting into your body and moving any stuck energy. 

  • Meditation + Mindset: Sometimes we'll need to go deep into your subconscious mind to rewire some of the stories that may be keeping you from living your full potential.

  • Sensual Alchemy: In a trauma-informed and well-boundaried way, we may explore ways to reignite your sensual fire

  • Root-tending: Healing at the root of your body through meeting your ancestors, connecting to the earth through ritual, nourishing the pelvic floor with a jade egg and more. 

  • Radiance tools: Detoxification, beauty care, adornment, self-massage and many other practices applied daily to support you in embodying your beauty.

Are we a good fit for each other?

I'm in this world to be a guide for women and I'm motivated by a deep sense of love and honour.


If we work together you can rest assured of my professional and personal integrity and trust that I will be working for your highest good.

That being said, over the last 5 years of running Moon Body, I've learned that my work is not for every woman and that not everyone resonates with me and my unique energy.


Some considerations for you when deciding if you think that we'll work well together are:

Am I willing to take responsibility for any feelings that are uncovered in these sessions?​

Am I able to enter into a healthily-boundaried professional relationship with Miriam with full awareness that she is not a friend or parent, but a mentor?

Do I have the willingness to show up for this work and the motivation to integrate it?

Am I healthy enough (on all levels) to do this work at this time?

Am I OK with working intuitively, or do I need a step-by-step process to feel comfortable?

Am I able to do the work of processing any uncomfortable truths that may arise in sessions with Miriam?

If you find yourself answering "Yes" to most of these questions, then we may be a good fit for working together.

Your Rooted: Coaching Options

Rooted: 1 Month

I support you in a transformational container for one month.

Rooted: 1 Month includes:

  •  1 x coaching hour every week

  • 2 x card readings a month

  • Access to Moon Body's video library (with 15+ embodiment practices in)

  • 2 x check-in phone calls every month

Cost 650 Euros
*Payment plan available

Rooted: 3 Months

I support you in a transformational container for 3 months.

Rooted: 3 Months includes:

  •  12 coaching hours (1/week)

  • 6 x card reading (2/month)

  • Access to Moon Body's video library (with 15+ embodiment practices in)

  • 6 x check-in phone calls (2/month)

Cost 1,800 Euros
*Payment plan available

Rooted: 6 Months

I support you in a transformational container for 6 months.

Rooted: 6 Months includes:

  •  24 coaching hours (1/week)

  • 12 x card readings (2/month)

  • Access to Moon Body's video library (with 15+ embodiment practices in)

  • 12 x check-in phone calls (2/month)

Cost 3,300 Euros
*Payment plan available

What's next?

If you feel called to work with me, please click the button below to answer my questionnaire and I'll be back in touch with you very soon. 

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