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Breast Massage

Breasts are the heart outside the body. Highly sensitive to stagnation and toxicity, your breasts are the positive end of the energetic pole of your body. What is not dispersed from the heart + breasts is carried down and through into womb + yoni.

Breasts are the heart outside the body.

The Power of Breasts

Breast massage is a transformational practice; it creates new neural pathways around self-soothing and stimulates the downward movement of energy, clearing stagnation. The breasts are your yoni's 'ON' button, where the fire of arousal is ignited.

The Practice

1. Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

2. Place one hand over your heart/breasts and the other over belly/womb.

3. Breathe deeply into both spaces and feel yourself becoming calm and present.

4. Set an intention for the day ahead.

5. Apply oil to your hands and warm them (I use coconut oil with clary sage or pomegranate).

6.Begin with a firm pressure focusing on the centre of your palm to massage away from the centre. In the Taoist tradition, 36 circles, up to ten times are recommended. Imagine you are clearing stagnant energy out from the breasts.

7. Next, massage in circles towards the nipple. This motion is intended to call in and invite energy to the heart/breasts.

8. Finish with hands on the belly and heart and store the energy behind the naval

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