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Remembering Your Cyclical Nature

Remembering your cyclical nature and the innate wisdom of your womb is an initiation into your authentic feminine self.

Our Healing Journey

Awakenings, though beautiful and necessary, are painful.

They demand us to die to the lies we believed were true. Often, we leave a lot of people behind us as we wake up.

When we begin to heal menstrual challenges, we come into contact with the truth: we are cyclical beings and dishonouring our cyclical nature creates dis-ease and disharmony; it is the root of all menstrual challenges.

As we look around and see the collective dishonouring of our cycles, our emotion-phobic cultures, our desecration of Mother Nature, our sexual repression and our disregard for crone wisdom, we wake up to the lie and the role we have played in it*

We realise that our blood is holy and beautiful; we feel the pain of those for whom bleeding can be a death sentence (and we take action to change this); we begin to offer our blood back to the earth; we begin to live cyclically and love our cycles; we begin to see ourselves as the earth in human form; we look for more lies in our culture – and we find them.

The Ancestral Womb

If menstrual challenges are affecting you, look back to your ancestry for answers.

What was life like for your grandma while your mother was in her womb and you were an egg in the developing womb of your mother? How is your relationship to your femininity? What games were you taught to play that are inauthentic and killing the wild inside you? How do you relate to the masculine – inner and outer? What in you is unclaimed and under-lived? Where do your words get caught in your throat?

Stepping out beyond the lie is terrifying, beautiful and essential to your health and the future of our planet. *Many indigenous peoples are not living like this and are doing huge + beautiful works in the stewardship of our planet.

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