The Moon Temple:

Women's Tantric Yoga Retreat

PUGLIA, JULY 4-11, 2020

Dear Sacred Woman,


This summer you’re invited to the retreat of a lifetime: a haven of peace and beauty in the Puglian countryside where your days are filled with healing yoga, tantric practices, delicious organic food, sunshine & feminine wisdom.

Voted one of the World's Best Yoga Retreats, at Losa Rosa dei 4 Venti everything is taken care of for you.


Every second of every seven days is for you; your yoga practice, your health, your pleasure... your feminine essence!




July 4-11, 2020

8 Days


Single Room: 1850 Euros

Double Room: 1600 Euros

Triple Room: 1350 Euros


La Rosa dei 4 Venti

Martina Franca, Apulia, Italy


Practise the art of surrender

Each morning begins with meditation and yoga.

We meet again in the late afternoon for our second session: a restorative practice or  MOONBODY workshop.

In this harmonious environment, you are called to remember your power and grace as a woman: to come back home to your deepest essence, reawaken the sensuality and pleasure of your body, still your mind and rest in the sacred wisdom that is yours by birthright.

The Moon Temple is a sacred space where the feminine flourishes.

Our 7 days of practice lead us through the lands of the wild woman, creating space for you to release the pressures and conditioning of daily life to return to your embodied essence & divine wholeness.

Our temple space is a tranquil, rustic paradise far from the man-made stresses of everyday life.

Cocooned among the ancient trees, medicinal herbs and fragrant shrubs of Apulia, you’ll discover the practices of the yogini: the woman dedicated to awakening, in love with a life of truth.

These practices are made for you and your body. They are designed to reawaken Shakti, to activate your breath and guide you to remember your power in this world.

Far more than a yoga retreat, The Moon Temple is an invitation to remember the wild woman within and rediscover ways to weave her wisdom and power into every day.

Moon Temple Practices

Our practices are designed to awaken dormant energy, create openness and fluidity, allow breath to be deeper and free flowing, to nourish and activate the feminine body and balance hormones.


 Moon Body Yoga

Every day begins with Moon Body's signature yoga practice. This is classical Vinyasa Yoga with menstrual cycle awareness. These morning classes vary depending on where you are in your cycle. Around ovulation – when the body feels stronger and there is more energy – practice is also stronger. Around menstruation – when there is less physical energy – practice is softer. We avoid asana or pranayama techniques which stretch the already sensitive uterine ligaments. We satiate the body’s desire for slowness and grounding. By practising in harmony with our menstrual cycle, we begin to understand our cyclical nature in an embodied way and let go of the habit of pushing our bodies when we’re tired, which creates stress and tension.


Every day begins with meditation. Learning how creating a balance between still, silent practices and dynamic movement practices is one effective way of harmonising the balance between our inner-masculine and feminine energy.


​Pranayama will be an important part of our morning practice. Many of our bodily and mental tensions can be dissolved by therapeutic application of pranayama. As well as the increase in energy brought by consistent pranayama practice, discover how a deep relationship with your breath is one of the fundamental routes to embodiment.

Afternoon Sessions 

Our afternoon sessions are a more gentle exploration of yogic and tantric practices. Each afternoon will be a complement to the morning practice. We’ll explore Yoga Nidra, YIN Yoga, Healing Sound, Circling and two of Moon Body’s signature workshops: the Jade Egg & the Moon Code.


​Our ancestors understood and embraced the power of circling. As women, joining together in a circle to share from our hearts with each other is a healing community ritual. We’ll gather for two hour-long circles during the retreat.

 Jade Egg workshop 

In this hour-long exploration of the Jade Egg, participants will be introduced to the history of the practice and its roots in the Taoist tradition. Together we’ll practise Chi Gong and breath exercises designed to help energy move from the pelvic floor up through the rest of the body. Those with eggs are welcome to use them. Those who are new to the practice do not need to use the egg internally.

 The Moon Code workshop 

Learn how your menstrual cycle activates certain powers within you. Discover ways to attune your life to your menstrual cycle. Explore how nutrition and movement practices can adapt throughout the month to suit the needs of your body.

Book Your Space at the Temple

​Your place is reserved with a 500-Euro deposit. ​

The remaining balance can be paid in instalments. 


What's Included:


Morning Meditation & Sacred Feminine Yoga 

Afternoon Gentle Movement/Embodiment Practice 

Jade Egg Workshop

The Moon Code Workshop

3 Vegan/Vegetarian Alkaline Meals 

1 Afternoon Snack (Home made cake/biscuits)

Unlimited Yogi Teas/infusions, local fruits

Room cleaning on Tuesday morning

Use of all common spaces and yoga props

Free Wi-Fi

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you understand the retreat terms and conditions before you book your place. They can be read here. Clicking the button below is your acceptance of the T&Cs.

Getting to the Temple

Check-in: July 4 at 6pm

Check-out: July 11 at 8:30am 

The two nearest airports to La Rosa dei 4 Venti are in Brindisi & Bari.

Transport from these airports to the retreat takes between 60-90 minutes and can be arranged for an additional fee.

Want to arrange transportation? Let us know here

Our Location

​"La Rosa Dei 4 Venti is a renovated ancient Masseria (farmhouse) that has been carefully designed with the purpose of hosting yoga disciplines, philosophies and activities from all over the world. The aim is to create a healthy, positive and regenerating environment with particular attention being paid to safeguard the exceptional energy and tranquility of the surroundings, promote good food philosophy, a careful and sensitive approach, and keen attention to detail."​


"La Rosa dei 4 Venti offers delicious vegetarian/vegan food  based on PH alkaline diet with a wide variety of locally-sourced produce and organic ingredients.In our buffet you will sample a healthy food experience with traditional Puglia recipes, combined with lots of vegan, raw and gluten & dairy free dishes.Many fruits and vegetables are picked fresh from our kitchen garden and our menu changes with the seasons, bringing different tasteful delights to the table. Bread, pastries and pasta are homemade but due to the special ingredients like buckwheat, spelt or kamut flour, these are all much lighter and healthier."​

Onsite there is a small church erected in the year 1697 and retaining its original stone altar. The architrave above the entrance bears a dedication to the figure of the Virgin of Carmel, who was devoted to the ancient friars who stayed at the Masseria. Inside the church are original frescoes from the 17th century and on the back wall is a framed fresco. This is a powerful space to sit for a while in meditation and quiet reflection. 

The Food

The Chapel

About Miriam

Miriam has spent the last 8 years creating sacred spaces for women to come back to themselves.


Known for her no-bullshit manner and warmth, she has a gift for helping women let go of their blockages and develop practices and tools to support the return to their wild, sensual selves.

You'll find her between Asia and Europe leading transformational women's events, workshops, speaking up for women and celebrating the sacred feminine in all her manifestations. 

In The Moon Temple Retreat, Miriam shares the best practices from her workshops and retreats.


And they work! After embarking on 7 days of Shakti Sadhana, things will never be the same again... expect to feel more energised, more powerful and in contact with your deepest, authentic femininity. 

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