The Moon Detox

Our Moon Detox is a gentle holistic detoxification programme, tailored to your individual constitution. This uniquely formulated protocol combines a cleansing plant-based diet, herbs, fasting, yoga therapy, sauna, abdominal massage and gravity colonics to clean up the reproductive system, relieve menstrual challenges and/or prepare you for healthy pregnancy.


90 Minutes


Online or In-Person


200 Euros

Did you know the first place our body dumps toxins is the reproductive system?

This allows the body to keep the organs vital for daily life functioning, while the reproductive organs become a storage room for toxins. 

If you are experiencing menstrual irregularities, such as:

Painful periods






Or, you would like to become pregnant soon, it's vital that you clean up your reproductive system.

Human beings are facing unprecedented levels of environmental toxins, which when assimilated in our bodies, cause great stress to our vital organs, meaning they are unable to effectively remove harmful substances from the body. 




Menstrual challenges are so common these days that people have come to think they're normal. Allopathic medicine is woefully inadequate when it comes to healing menstrual and fertility issues. 

MOONBODY is delighted to have helped its clients heal cysts, fibroids, relieve endometriosis symptoms and reverse infertility diagnoses... all with our simple, natural, gentle methods. 

The Moon Detox follows Arnold Ehret's 'Mucus Free' Methodology, Menstrual Cycle Awareness and is heavily influenced by European Herbalism, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.

Our Moon Detox heals the reproductive system safely by following these principles:

1. Nature knows best.

2. Gentle and longer is better than harder and faster.

3. Food is a medicine.

How we work together

The Moon detox Philosophy

The moon detox in action

So how does the detox work?


1. Emptying stagnant waste from the colon & rebuilding the gut's microbiome.

2. Supporting the organs of elimination (kidney, liver & lymph) to work effectively. 

3. Cleaning old blood & cellular waste out of the Uterine Organs.

4. Balancing hormones through diet, stress reduction & detox.

5. Reintroducing a plant-based diet that supports reproductive health.

6. Teaching how to maintain reproductive health through daily practices & choices.

How does a moon detox consultation take place?

Our 75-minute consultation can take place online or in person.

Before our consultation, you'll be sent an in-depth health questionnaire to answer and return to me.


In our consultation, we'll look through your health questionnaire & discuss your intentions for your detox.


Following our consultation, you'll receive the Moon Detox e-Book and a personalised protocol with step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with your detox.

Interested? Book your free 15-minute introductory call to make sure you feel we're a good fit!

OR book your Moon Detox session below.


I loved my MOON Detox experience with Miriam! I was getting ready to have a baby and an iridology reading had shown I was suffering from issues with my microbiome. I wanted to make sure that before I made my baby, my microbiome was as healthy as possible. We decided a 10-week gentle cleanse was the best way forward. Miriam created a detox programme for me high in seasonal ripe fruits and veggies and I loved it. I still come back to the recipes when I need a mini-cleanse. Most important, I have a gorgeous, healthy baby girl who is thriving. Highly recommended!


What can I say? My 12-week cleanse is over and I feel incredible! Full of energy, brain fog is gone and I just got confirmation from my doctor that my ovarian cysts have cleared up. My last period was almost pain free and two days lighter too. This stuff works!


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