We Believe that Re-connection to Our

Sacred Rhythm Can Change the World

Being able to hear and feel the delicate changes in our energy throughout the menstrual cycle lets us hone our inner awareness and feel more at home in our bodies. It is a defiant roar against the fast pace of the modern world.



When We Begin To Look Inside Our

Ability To See the Outside Transforms

Healing menstrual challenges inevitably leads us to healing our relationships with living relatives and ancestors. As we inquire into why our family holds the patterns they do, we can begin to address the root causes and send the healing all ways.



Our Relationship With Our Body

Mirrors Our Relationship With Earth

To live from a place of true connection we must learn how to be in harmony with the land once more. Moon Body's practices encouraged every woman to grow her own herbs and food and to offer her blood back to the earth in a ritual.

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