Womxn in the world right now stand at an incredible juncture in human history. We have more freedom than ever before, spiritual wisdom is in the mainstream,  prioritising self-care is a concept we're all familiar with, and yet, so many women are still feeling a profound emptiness, suffering from burnouts, having less than satisfying sex and disconnected from their cyclical rhythm. 

Ready to Recode Yourself Into the

Woman You were Born To Be?

This is not your average coaching programme

IGNITE is your invitation to set limiting beliefs on fire and rise from their ashes as the woman you were born to be: Embodied, sensual, creative and ready to claim the life you've been longing to live. 


This is not the old-paradigm, linear approach of hiring a coach 

to help you meet your goals.


IGNITE has a uniquely feminine, embodied approach.​

This means that everything we work on is seen through the lens of femininity.


We'll let your pussy – not your mind– lead the way. You'll learn how to achieve more by doing less; and to magnetise the life you crave with your pleasure-full body.

WHO is

the Ignite Coaching

 Programme designed for?

WOMEN who are ready to...

 Embrace the profound magic of their femininity...

Process the limited beliefs that kept them stuck...

Let their cycles be the blueprint for life...

IGNITE their radiance to magnetise their deepest desires...

"Through her month-long coaching  programme Miriam guided me back to a part of myself that had been asleep for years. I found the joy and fire in my soul again. It was a full-on feminine awakening! The practices shared through Moon Body are now a part of my daily routine. I can't imagine life without them. They bring me so much. I want every woman to know what I know now."

JESSAMY, France – IGNITE Coaching Client

What my incredible

clients say...

Join the Global Awakening of empowered,

inspired WOMEN

what does this programme offer me?

*  Ignite your desire for life (What sets you on fire!)

• Understand the connection between sensual satisfaction & abundance

• Align your life with your menstrual cycle

• Balance discipline & activity with ease & playfulness

• Establish daily routines that enhance creative flow

• Break through blockages holding back your potential

• Become calm & confident while calling in what you desire

• Create conditions for work opportunities AND romance to flourish 

• Develop strategies for clear communication & stress management

• Go beyond your mind and deep into the body to call in the life you deserve


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Then choose your coaching programme...




4 Week



Sometimes one session is all you need. A one-hour phone call followed by an action plan.

150 Euros.  

A one-hour call every week. Action plans which update every week. Support by email. 

1,000 Euros. 

12 Week



A one-hour call every week. Action plans which update every week. Support by email. 

2,500 Euros. 

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