Upcoming Events
Sun, Jun 14
Soul City
The Nourished Feminine
A three-hour journey into tantric practices that feed mind, body and spirit.
Sat, Jul 04
La Rosa dei 4 Venti retreat
The Moon Temple: Women's Tantric Yoga Retreat
Join me in July 2020 at one of the World’s Best Yoga Retreats in southern Italy. Learn ancient yogic and tantric practices designed to reawaken Shakti – the divine feminine principle – and prepare the sacred ground of your body to feel, open and relax into the bliss that is yours by birthright.
Sat, Sep 12
Herdade dos Alfranges
Sattva Retreat: Transformational Yoga
Join Melanie (Yoga In A Bag) and Miriam (Moon Body) for 7 days of purifying yoga and clean, vegan food at a restful retreat. Spend your days in the sunshine, enjoy high-vibrational nourishment and deep practices.

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