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If you've come here for one of my transformational coaching programmes, I know it's because you're ready to try something new. 

I know that to make it to this point you got to a place where nothing is working the way it should... I know that you had a choice: hold on for dear life to what you know or let go and surrender to the mystery. 

It will be my honour to share with you the tools to transform your challenges into opportunities and support you in becoming the woman you have always dreamed of being. 

Coaching with me covers...

* Getting to the root of your desires for life (What sets you on fire!)

• Understanding the connection between sensual satisfaction & abundance

• How to align your life with your menstrual cycle

• Balancing discipline & activity with ease & playfulness

• Establishing daily routines to increase creative flow

• Breaking through blockages holding back potential

• Becoming calm & confident while calling in what you desire

• Creating conditions for work opportunities AND romance to flourish 

• Developing strategies for clear communication & stress management

• Going beyond the mind and deep into the body to call in the life you deserve

How we work together

Your first call with me is absolutely free and is a chance for us to make sure that we want to go ahead & work together. For our subsequent sessions, we can meet in person or work by phone & video call. 

Once you've chosen the duration of your coaching with me, we'll set times that work for both of us and begin to co-create your individual coaching programme.

Choose your coaching programme...

Sometimes one session is all you need. A one-hour phone call followed by an action plan.

150 Euros.  

Single Session

A one-hour call every week. Action plans which update every week. Support by email. 

500 Euros. 

4 Week Programme

A one-hour call every week. Action plans which update every week. Support by email. 

1500 Euros. 

12 Week Programme

This is not your average coaching programme...

But you probably already know that. 

What sets my approach leagues apart from other coaches is that my programmes are distinctly feminine. 

This means that everything we work on together is seen through the lens of femininity. We're going to be learning how to balance your inner-masculine with your inner-feminine; how to let your menstrual cycle lead you; how to achieve more by doing less; and how to magnetise the life you crave with the polarity of your body.