Miriam is a writer, yogini & women's work facilitator. Born in Somerset, UK, she left England and her job as a magazine editor aged 24 and spent the next 7 years living between a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand and India, where she studied, practised, and eventually taught, tantric practices, including yoga.

Ever since she was a tiny girl, she was enraptured by the natural world, by the stories of mystic women and witches, who inspired her to live a life of truth, love and freedom.

Since her first bleed aged 11, she experienced painful periods and severe pre-menstrual syndrome. She was taken to the doctor and prescribed the hormonal contraceptive pill, which she took until she was 19 years old.

Coming off the pill and finding her painful menstruation and PMS were still there, but even worse, took her on a journey of self-healing. She studied natural healing modalities and began detoxing. She healed her painful periods, PMS and ovarian cysts using natural methods, peacefully, at home.

On the island she was free to cultivate a life of presence and softness. She spent many months in silent retreat, alone, in her house on a deserted hilltop overlooking the ocean. She sat many times with the grandmother plant teacher, Ayahuasca. She began teaching yoga at one of Thailand's premier healing centres. This is when MOON BODY was born.

It's hard to say when her initiation onto the path of the Goddess happened... perhaps it was always there... that gentle calling towards the Beauty Way of life, where love and gentleness and reverence for nature lead.

Like Miriam, her work is constantly evolving to best serve the womxn who are called to it. She is currently touring Europe offering her Moon Code and Jade Egg workshops, women's retreats, feminine yoga classes and one-to-one consultations for menstrual & fertile health.


© Miriam Ropschitz 2019